Leaded lights & Stained glass

We specialise in traditional leaded light/ stained glass windows, from repairing your old existing panes to designing and creating new leaded panels from start to finish.

We offer a full design service or you can create your own which we will be more than happy to reproduce for you.

This is not something we source from elsewhere, Barry has been making traditional leaded windows for over 25 years and is one of the few remaining leaded craftsmen in the area, and they are all made in our own workshop.

Below are a few pictures of our work, and also a step by step guide on how we repair and refurbish your original panels to give them a new lease of life.
How we rebuild and refurbish leaded panels
First of all the leaded panel is in a sorry state, and once it has been taken out of its frame it tends to fall apart.
We carefully strip it down taking care to save as much of the old glass as possible, the old lead gets recycled.

The glass is then cleaned using fine wire wool to remove the old cement sealant
and any residue.
We then start to rebuild the panel using new lead, matching as close as we can to the thickness and width of the original panel
Once the panel has been reassembled, each of the joints are then soldered together in the traditional way using 'tallow' (flux) and lead solder.
The panel is then cemented using what can only be described as a runny black putty with the consistency of treacle. It is applied using a scrubbing brush and worked into the gaps between the lead and glass.

Once the excess is removed a white powder is applied to help it dry. It is then left for 24 hours to allow it to harden,  where it then gets cleaned and polished to a shiny black finish.

We then glaze the panel back into its wooden frame using the traditional method, giving it a new lease of life and restored to its original glory.
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